slooow rider. 2010. a compilation.


'slooow rider' is a collection of songs by associates of doubledotdash!? - a grassroots multifaceted music organisation based in reading, uk.
each year we put these collections together to document just a small fraction of the sounds that have crossed our paths,
and also to spread the word of some very underrated musicians.

we usually burn the songs on to some cd-rs, make a cover, and distribute them at our shows and sporadically elsewhere.
this year, we've embraced some 1990s technology and put together this webpage so you can download the songs too.

special mega thanks to all the artists who have generously donated their songs.
check them out, buy their music, and go to their shows.


yesterday i was in space 5:48 king elytron
evil genius 2:26 hired muscle
brightonwasteofvaluabletoddlerstimefest 3:00 toddlers
all my bloods gone 3:41 one man warehouse
india light / sun inside 5:00 himalaya
chase down in yr town 4:22 house of john player
the summer of fun 6:06 glass cello
weird warmth 3:14 mark knight & the witches
flowering knole 3:03 silent paper radios
turn your back 4:12 stuart clark
cloud in the sky 2:36 splitter will
god (god it's hot mix) 6:25 fields of barley
rotorblades 8:32 ebbs and flows
miracles happen when gerald sings 2:54 the mole gerald
afraid (martin phone's rational explanation rexim) 7:22 amy's ghost
whiskey & cheese (live at an econo band night) 2:45 one man team dance
ho down defense mechanism 2:12 zoob toob
dysfunctional youth 4:53 hunting the shy

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