doubledotdash!? SPLIT SINGLE #1


HOUSE OF JOHN PLAYER is the solo YO! wave project from dean spacer.
it all started in 2006 when the inspiration from various faces and performers
in bletchley pushed him to take his music out of the bedroom and out to the masses.
as the years have passed, HOUSE OF JOHN PLAYER has shifted through different styles and set ups
from weird folky-pop sets, noisy disgruntled keyboards to loopy pop-tastic jams with slices
of face-cringing high ends.

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TODDLERS are reading's favourite psych garage ragga kraut bass n drum n drumstick guitar duo.
likened to "polite-ning bolt" or "the rhythm section from bleach".

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doubledotdash!? is a grassroots multifaceted music organisation based in reading, uk.
our aim is to share underrated and under-appreciated music with as many people as possible.
we do this because it is fun. come mingle.

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house of john player - shyrite / son esqueet

toddlers - preston

a review by the organ

you can buy this 7 inch vinyl record from us or either of the bands at shows for 3.50.

if you can't make it to a show in the near future, then you can buy the record from us via paypal.
the price including postage to the UK is 5.00.
the price including postage to the rest of the world is 6.00.

all records also include a cd-r with the songs on.

if you have any queries or wish to trade or buy in bulk
then please email: doubledotdash[AT]gmail[DOT]com.

thank you for your support.